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Reliable digital communications with advanced security features to ensure safety and rapid response.


All banks need excellent communications among their administrative and security staff to ensure they efficiently manage their operations and provide the best customer service as well as ensure the safety of their customers and assets. Communications must be discrete and efficient in order to maintain private communications to minimize the impact on the customers' experience. At each store the cashiers, security personnel and management staff all require radios that are capable of lasting a full day’s shift while providing thorough in-building coverage. They need light-weight radios that are also durable and provide clear communications in order to respond to urgent situations.

Featured Solution:

Banks are always looking to improve their response time to better assist their customers as seamlessly and conveniently as possible. By providing clear digital voice communications and data messages the Hytera PD6, PD5 and PD3 Series offer retail stores an affordable digital solution in a slim design that makes carrying and operating a radio easy and unobtrusive to cashier, security and management staff during their daily tasks. Hytera’s wide variety of accessories including covert and Bluetooth earpieces allow for staff to easily communicate without disturbing customers with radio noise. For banks that are on a tight budget, Hytera has analog radios like the TC3 and TC5 Series. For larger banks within large buildings, Hytera recommends digital radios and for a local dealer to assess the need for a base station repeater to enhance coverage or provide connection between additional sites if needed. Whether small or a large banks, Hytera has the customizable radio solution for banking organizations looking to migrate to clear digital communication.


A variety of covert and Bluetooth earpieces as well as large displays for messages allow for communication without disturbing customers

Security features like Man Down can send silent alerts to off-site location to signal a disturbance

Improved efficiency and response time with clear digital communications and preprogrammed messages / alerts

Slim and pocket-sized portable radios make carrying and operating a two-way radio easy and unobtrusive to staff

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