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Night Clubs

Reliable radios with large easy to read displays and user-friendly earpieces.


It is important for the staff at nightclubs to communicate discreetly in order to maintain privacy as well as limit any disturbances to their guests. The administrative, maintenance, and security staff all require radios that are capable of lasting a full night's shift while providing thorough in-building coverage. They need easy to use radios that can provide them with clear communications and visible data services such as alert messages.

Featured Solution:

Night clubs are interested in the ability to communicate efficiently before, during and after their club is open. This enables them provide seamless service and security for their guests as well as to coordinate large events swiftly, and ensure any altercations and threats are handled. To address these challenges, Hytera has designed digital two-way radios with clear voice communications and data messaging alerts. The large color display on the PD6 Series offers a visible alert. If in a high-noise environment, the PD7 Series can provide vibration and visible alerts. The Hytera PD5 and PD3 Series offer an affordable digital solution in a slim and pocket-sized design that makes carrying and operating a radio easy and unobtrusive to staff during nightly usage. For those institutions on a tight budget, Hytera also has the TC-3 and TC-5 Series analog radios to provide a simple voice only solution. Hytera’s wide variety of accessories including covert and Bluetooth earpieces allow for staff to easily communicate effectively in discrete situations and the long-lasting high capacity batteries ensure all-day usage. Hytera has the customizable radio solution for any club looking to use clear digital communications to optimize the efficiency of their staff.


Improved efficiency and response time with clear digital communications, messaging, and alerts

A variety of covert and Bluetooth earpieces as well as large displays for messages allow for communication without causing a disturbance

High capacity batteries allow for radio usage during long hours

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