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Oil & Gas

Intrinsically Safe communication solutions for multiple oil and gas facilities.


Oil and gas companies require all their communications to be efficient and user-friendly in order to urgently respond to situations out in the field. It is necessary for oil and gas workers to have wide-area coverage to communicate throughout a given set of geographical areas. The radios must be certified by regulatory bodies to be intrinsically safe and capable of lasting a full day’s shift.

Featured Solution:

For professionals who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible dusts using standard radios could be unsafe. We understand what the challenges are for professionals working in hazardous environments. Dedicated to the designing and delivering of innovative intrinsically safe communications solutions, Hytera has the PD792Ex, a portable DMR ATEX radio that complies with the world’s strictest safety standards and the PD7 UL913 Series which complies with UL913 safety standards.


Ensured worker safety with security feature like lone worker, man down

Intrinsically safe rugged design approved to a variety of standard depending on the environment of use

High capacity batteries allow for radio usage during multiple shifts if needed

Repeaters can be used to extend range and connect multiple sites

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