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Industries & Solutions

Choose from the following industries to see which products are best fit for that particular area. Within these industry pages there are also sub-industires going into more details for the best product for whatever communication challenge you are facing. If you do not see your industry please get in contact with us to further help you because we understand not one shoe fits all.


Cost-Effective radio solutions for Small Business or an Enterprise. Communication is the key for successful bussinesses in today's fast-paced world.


We provide differnet solutions for differnet situations for school safety. Nothing is more important then keeping staff and students connected.

Emergency Services

We offer Clear Communication to lower response time to emergency situations. Preventing any failures is important for public safety.


Applied Communication understands communication is a very important part of a healthcareing, environment. Providing reliable and affordable communication solutions.


Communications solutions for fast pace environment where customers are expecting quick services including hotels, Resort-Wide, Casinos, Stadiums, Arenas and much more,


Communication solutions for a Mining, Construction with multiple sites, Oil & Gas, Sea Ports, Logistics and much more .

Mass Transportation

Applied Communication provides reliable communication solutions fo wide-area coverage for bus fleets, airport, railway and much more.

Property Management

Clear communication solutions for a large area while decrease response time for Golf Courses, Office Complex, Large Estates, Cemeteries and much more.

Utilities & Government

Applied Communication understands the demand for a stable communication for places like Electrical Power, Waste, Enivronmental, Swage, Winter Services and Correctional Facilities, we make it our priority to provent human errors.

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