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Reliable emergency response solutions at a great value.


Recent education studies indicate that keeping students and staff safe and secure is top of mind for schools. As a K-12 teacher or school administrator, one realizes the advantages of having reliable portable communication devices that are pocket-sized and at a great value allowing school staff to respond to emergency situations in an orderly, rapid and efficient way at a time when every second counts.

Featured Solution:

Analog TC-320 and Digital PD362 are two models unique for their compact design, superb sound quality, superior drop protection and ergonomic design. These two models enable school administrators and staff to fully enjoy the benefits of real time communication at a favorable value. Combine any of these portables with our RD622 Wall Mount Repeater for wide area and large building coverage both indoor and outdoor.


Pocket-size design and easy to carry

Superb sound quality, reliability and superior drop protection

RD622 repeater provides indoor and outdoor area coverage with a compact design and easy installation

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