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Office Complex

Digital solutions to provide clear coverage throughout a museum campus both in-door and out-door.


Businesses in large office building complexes rely on the property management team to ensure their security and that operations run smoothly throughout the campus. The security, administrative, maintenance, and grounds keeping staff all require radios with different feature sets that are capable of lasting a full day’s shift while providing thorough outdoor and in-building coverage. They need easy to use radios that can provide them with clear communications in order to respond to urgent situations.

Featured Solution:

The security, administrative, maintenance, and grounds keeping staff are interested in improving efficiency and the ability to communicate seamlessly to provide better and faster service. Hytera has designed digital two-way radios with clear voice communications, data messaging and integration into popular work order management software suites.


Improved efficiency and response time with clear digital communications, messaging, and work order management

A variety of covert and Bluetooth earpieces as well as large displays for messages allow for communication without disturbing guests

High capacity batteries allow for radio usage during multiple shifts if needed

Repeaters can be used to extend range and connect multiple sites

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