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By utilizing our design engineer teams, project management, and skilled technicians Applied Communications provides a unique, multifaceted partnership with our clients. Through our extensive industry and manufacturer connections, we provide the most suitable solutions to meet the most stringent requirements in communications coverage and capability.

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Do you have a project that requires communication equipments like a portable radio? Or are you one of our customers and are in need of service ?

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FCC Licensing

Applied Communications can help you with FCC licensing services. We work with a licensed frequency coordinator that can take care of any FCC licensing requirements.

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We support and install a variety of systems to enhance in-building coverage for life-safety, cellular, wireless, and fleet coordination over UHF and VHF frequencies.

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Our highly trained and experienced technicians can install, analyze, test, and diagnose all systems that we support. Our project implementation involves traveling to sites, conducting studies, communicating between manufacturers and design teams, and installing all equipment. We support and install surveillance options to cover a wide variety of requirements including building monitoring, fleet-transit and transportation surveillance. We offer network solutions for remote system monitoring.

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Maintenance and Repairs

Applied Communications technicians are certified and ready to keep your radio system operating to factory standards. We utilize the latest test and repair equipment and maintain a full line of parts and accessories in stock.

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Our Certifications

Applied Communications Service, Inc. has high trained technicians and Staff. Certifications from Kenwood Trunking, OSHA, Hytera and Much more

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Project Management

Applied Communications project management team is delighted to help your project be successfull, Using softwares like IBwave to make sure everything goes as planned.

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RF Site Survey

Making sure every Access points (AP) throughtout the facility have a strong signal, From RF, wifi and much more

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We offer end-to-end, customized network management solutions that span the entire life-cycle of the network. Those solutions include planning and design, deployment, integration and testing, and services migration. We ensure that you stay connected from start to finish with the latest in services and technology that work for your telecom needs.

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