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DMR Tier-III Trucking

Applied Communications provides DMR Tier-III Trucking

DMR Tier III Trunking is an IP based Digital Trunked Platform specifically designed to provide mission critical voice, data, dispatching and management capacity across wide geographical areas. With an all-IP architecture and centralized networking, the solution utilizes infrastructure with modular design of system components in order to deliver high spectrum efficiency, fast access, advanced Security, wide coverage, flexible networking, affordable infrastructure and low maintenance costs. Because of it’s strong scalability, Hytera DMR III solutions support networks of different topologies, including regional networks such as single-site network, or multiple-site nationwide networks.

Advantages of DMR Technology

1. Digital Voice, Superior Anti-interference and Voice Quality

2. Improved Spectrum Efficiency, Double Channel Capacity

3. Large Coverage, Low Networking Cost

4. Save Investment on Infrastructure

5. More Power Saving, Battery Life Extended

6. Reliable Encryption Technology

7. Smooth Migration from Analog System & Terminal

8. Enriched Dispatch Function

9. Scalable Data Applications for Increased ROI

DMR Trunking Pro

DMR Trunking Pro logically consists of base station system, service terminal, bearer network and mobile switching office (MSO). One MSO supports up to 100 base station and 800 carriers. A single base station supports up to 16 carriers.

MSOs in different Hytera DMR Trunking Pro are connected through network equipment to form a large scale network with multiple sites.

MSO comprises a widearray of subsystems to enrich the application functionality, such as Network Management System (NMS), Dispatching System and Digital Voice Recording System (DVRS).

DMR Trunking Lite

Hytera DMR trunking lite is a digital trunking system, which is developed from ETSI open standard and focuses on transportation, energy resource, public utilities, enterprise & business, etc.. The system is based on the RD982S transceiver and supports multi-mode operation and smooth migration, in order to provide professional users more choices.

DMR Trunking Lite transceiver supports a smooth migration from conventional to trunking and from analog to digital. Multi-modes provide you different choices for continued benefits

System Components

1. Channel Unit (CHU)

2. Base Station Control Unit (BSCU)

3. Power Supply Unit (PSU)

4. Fan Unit (FAU)

5. Divider Unit (DIU)

6. Router

7. Combiner Unit (COM)

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