Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Sales & Service

ACSi offers several LMR product lines of two-way subscriber portable radios/walkie talkies, mobile radios, base stations, repeaters, and dispatch consoles. The primary lines we carry are Kenwood, EFJohnson/Viking, Hytera, Zetron, Leonardo, and Fiplex. Markets and industries of focus consist of Public Safety, Security, Government, Military, Business, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, Transportation and Property Management.

The product lines offered encompass P25, DMR, NEXEDGE, Trunking, and Analog/Conventional to accommodate the smallest, simplest application to the most complex, sophisticated and secure application. Frequency bands available are VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz and, in some cases, low band. Our mission is to find the perfect solution for individual customers based on their specific needs and budget. ACSi takes pride in the relationships that we build with our customers and look forward to servicing them for years to come.



EF Johnson Technologies, Inc.
A JVCKenwood Company

We make safe, simple.

EF Johnson product family
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JVCKENWOOD is committed to providing modern, turnkey critical communications solutions for today and the future. No one has time for complexities. That’s why ATLAS P25, KAIROS DMR, NEXEDGE NXDN system solutions, and Viking P25 radios are simple to purchase, deploy, use, and maintain. We deliver superior products so that you can focus on your mission – protecting and saving lives.

KENWOOD Viking radios combine Viking P25 software expertise and KENWOOD’s recognized hardware quality and reliability. Viking radios are used throughout the world by police, fire, paramedics, military, and homeland security personnel. We make our radios easier to budget for and buy with our perpetual software license program and Vault™ asset management tool. We use advanced technology like Armada® fleet management and programming software and TrueVoice™ software-based noise cancellation to make them easy to use and easy to maintain.


Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world

Kenwood NX Product Family
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KENWOOD’s professional two-way radio solutions are designed to meet the highest demand of today’s communications environment and to provide users with innovative features to transform their operation.

From handheld radios to turnkey mission/operation-critical systems for enterprise and public safety applications, we offer comprehensive communications solutions for any field, any industry, and any application.

Whatever your business, confidence in communications is crucial to success. Seamless coordination demands a radio system that ensures immediacy, clarity and 24/7 reliability. Yet individual requirements can vary widely: levels of coverage, capacity and control all need to be considered to create the optimum system. That’s why we offer customized solutions that provide optimum performance and reliability.

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Enabling communications, so you can respond and achieve

Hytera DMR product line
Hytera H series product line

Hytera is a global leader in two-way radio communications, developing and manufacturing innovative solutions to meet our customer requirements. With a reputation for high-quality, reliable radios and systems, Hytera can be found all over the world. Hytera two-way radios combine a rich heritage with cutting-edge Research & Development. When you buy Hytera radios, you buy products and solutions that are built to perform – and built to last.

Our years of developing wireless two-way radios and systems means that we have a deep understanding of the individual needs of each industry, and of each individual within your communications chain. From the security professional who needs a covert solution, to the oil rig workers who need a robust, explosion-proof radio, our two-way radios and systems are used all around the world. From major events such as the Rio Olympic Games, the US Open, and the America’s Cup, to oil rigs, utility companies, football stadiums, schools, hospitals, and hotels across the country, Hytera’s professional radio communications systems are exceeding the expectations of the modern workforce.

Hytera is an industry leader in research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and bringing next-generation radio technology to the market. Hytera is the fastest growing radio communications company in the world.


LMR critical communications solutions with peace of mind

Leonardo Repeater

Leonardo is the market innovator for flexible and scalable next generation critical communications systems.

We focus on meeting customer needs through highly configurable, reliable, redundant, and maintainable solutions. We offer multimode DMR II/III and P25 in one radio, scalable wide area multisite deployment, distributed trunking control, simulcast DMR, and TETRA solutions. We proudly offer one of the industry’s truly open platforms allowing customers to interface with a multitude of vendors with traditional or cloud-based configurations.

Located in the heartland of America, Leonardo has designed, engineered, installed, and supports over 220 proven systems in over 50 countries. Our global experience, with highly responsive support from the U.S., allows us to deliver solutions designed to meet customers’ unique needs. Our systems support the critical communications needs of agencies such as emergency services, law enforcement, utility, transportation, oil & gas, and professional enterprises across 50 countries. All of our systems are serviced with pride and detailed attention from our headquarters in Kansas City, MO, in the heartland of America.

Zetron Authorized Reseller

Optimizing communications where and when they matter most

Zetron Max Dispatch

Zetron is a trusted, worldwide leader in technology solutions for public safety, security, federal government, transportation, utilities, natural resources, healthcare, academic institutions, and other markets where communications are the lifeblood of critical operations.

From centralized command and control systems to distributed land mobile radio solutions and more, Zetron provides a complete end-to-end mission critical communications platform. Unrivaled in interoperability, quality, and reliability, Zetron’s integrated solutions improve the situational awareness, preparedness, efficiency and safety of both emergency response and commercial operations teams – from the control room to anywhere the job takes them. Zetron provides The Power to Respond™ and BE HEARD™ when and where seconds count, lives are at stake, and communications are truly mission critical. It’s ALL we do.

Zetron’s full portfolio of integrated IP-based solutions for next generation emergency call taking, dispatch, CAD, fire station alerting and other mission critical systems, combine to provide scalable, interoperable, and highly configurable communications capabilities across remote and geo-diverse operations. From centralized command and control systems to distributed land mobile radio solutions and more, Zetron provides a complete end-to-end mission critical communications platform.


We are Fiplex. Our solutions make places safer.

Fiplex in-building public safety

Fiplex Communications, Inc. is a worldwide recognized designer and manufacturer of highly innovative telecommunication products focused on providing solutions to Public Safety and Mission Critical applications. One of the biggest challenges in the world of communications is to keep mission-critical first responders connected, at all times and in all places. In an emergency situation, whether an underground parking lot, in a room built of solid and concrete material, in the darkness of a stairwell or inside an elevator, it is of vital importance to ensure clear and continuous reception and transmission of RF signals to first responders who risk their lives to save others.

Fiplex innovates, engineers, and manufactures in-building wireless solutions that extend coverage and enhance performance for public safety and mission-critical radio communications. The company’s portfolio of BDA (bi-directional amplifier) and Fiber DAS (distributed antenna system) solutions incorporate a flexible platform approach which delivers increased performance, reduces complexity, and ensures economic benefit for building owners and system integrators.

Fiplex is 100% focused on delivering true mission-critical solutions that set the standard for performance, survivability, and deployment efficiency.

When Communication Is Critical

dbSpectra designs and manufactures Transmitter Combiners, Filters, Antennas, Receiver Multicouplers, Duplexers, Tower Top Amplifiers and customized RF solutions and sub-systems for mission critical communications markets worldwide.

  • We bring innovative ideas and engineering to the communications industry.
  • All products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Granted ISO 9001:2000 certification in July 2006.
  • One of the 1st companies to upgrade Quality Management to ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

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