RF Site Surveys

ACSi performs public safety RF site surveys throughout New England as a requirement to document whether in-building coverage signal strength follows NFPA and local building ordinances. We schedule walkthroughs with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and coordinate it ahead of time with the local fire department and, in some cases, police as well. The AHJ will provide us with floor plans prior for us to create the grids used in the survey. The grid for each floor is comprised of 20 signal test areas. During the survey we walk each floor and take on the city/town’s Fire, Police (or both) frequencies. The cutoff point for passing readings is -95dBm. If any two adjacent grids in the survey read -95dBm or greater (ex. -98dBm, -100dBm, etc.) then the building fails the In-Building Public Safety radio communications test. It will then require a Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) to be installed. The ACSi provides all documentation, signal strength readings, and certification to meet local building ordinances.

RF site survey work

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